mvalley (mvalley) wrote in ldseatmeat,

article by lds vegetarian on eating meat. will want to disect it. There is nothing wrong with choosing to be a vegetarian. However this article is full of flaus. I don't have my scriptures in front of me right now but section 49 of the doctrine and covenants. 1st timothy in the new Testament and the teachings of the prophet joseph smith disagree with this person. Also M russell ballard said false prophets are those that claim church endorsement for there products and services. oct 99 general conference. If they say it is there opinion and not the churchs that is fine. However in addition to apostasy they should not say it is the churchs position. There is nothing wrong with it being there personal opinion. As long as they don't get Jesus into it. Joseph Fielding McConkie quoting Isiah sais his image would be marred than any other man. Straightforward answers to gospel questions. And that is a way to do it. Saying what would Jesus do when many times it is your personal opinion wether he would do it or not. Did a search enging for her. Could not find the article on this site.
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